There are things that you're good at and there are things you're not.  I happen to have  an innate ability for inventing, figuring things out and just being highly creative.  I truly enjoy what I do, sometimes I just can't get enough of it.  It's taken me 3 attempts to succeed at getting a patent  over 20 years of getting so far and then the money running out.  It's tough seeing your ideas coming to market years later by someone else, knowing that it could have been me.  That's what kept  fueling me  until I finally succeeded.  I have patents on 4 products now and soon to have more.  Now that the patenting, the designing, and the product development are done, I'm going for marketing, looking for manufacturers to make my products and market them.  I have spent thousands of hours on all this and have acquired a vast amount of knowledge in this field .  I am currently seeking a  business partner that is great at what he or she does and that will be an integral part to the success of Tanco Industries.

Success Through Innovation


Product Development.