Tanco Industries LLC, is a growing company where I  Design, Develop, and Patent consumer products of my own creations.  I am a US patent owner and I live and breathe inventing, and thrive on designing, and developing products. 
I am passionate about inventing and  I have an innate ability for inventing, figuring things out, and just being highly creative.  I truly enjoy what I do.  My father was an inventor, my grandfather was an inventor, and my uncle is an inventor with patents, so, you could say I have inventing in my blood.  

I have patents on 4 products now and soon to have more.  I currently have more awesome products on the drawing board and in development.

I have spent thousands of hours on the designing, research, development, and testing of my products, and I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge in this industry.  I have the contacts and experience necessary to successfully communicate with manufacturers, suppliers, and everyone involved, in order to get to the manufacturing stage. 

I am presently seeking to establish license/royalty agreements for the manufacturing and sale of my products.  There is a Large US and foreign market potential based on the fact that millions of people choose a less than lethal method of self-defense, and can now possess a less than lethal self-defense weapon that will record the event and positively alert anyone within 200 feet.  There are millions within this targeted market that would use this type of device.

My Product Evaluations are important to a products total success.  They can help alert you to things that you may not have noticed before, therefore helping make possible a quicker development cycle, a better quality of a product, and possibly lowering manufacturing costs.  I provide top quality consumer product evaluations on just about any product.  Evaluation cost start at $40.00.  Please contact me for further information.  

I also maintain a top rated blog on less than lethal self- defense, https://www.lessthanlethalselfdefenseblog.com/ which I use mainly for research and assistance in product development, and knowledge of the market.  I also have an online marketplace where you can purchase less than lethal self defense products, here at https://www.lessthanlethalselfdefense.com/