Defend Alert Box

An emergency access box that is wall mounted and contains both a Bluetooth unit with a camera and microphone and a video camera unit with microphone, along with a notification buzzer.  It is designed to be placed in a classroom or a place of business where the need for a self-defense weapon might arise.  It can contain any kind of self-defense weapon, like a pepper spray device or a firearm. 
When the access door is opened it allows anyone to access the weapon inside and the DAB (defend alert box) is activated and starts recording the event, working in conjunction with a centrally located Bluetooth base unit that notifies the authorities that a life threatening event is taking place, and activates a buzzer on all the other Defend Alert Boxes to let everyone know that a life threatening event is taking place and to take suggested precautions.  

It is reusable and can operate wirelessly. This device is in the development stage and holds a US provisional patent.  The self-defense device shown inside is a Defend Alert ID that is patented and fully developed.  

This product has a Large US and foreign market with excellent market potential based on the fact that millions of people could have a self-defense weapon available to them at any time and there are thousands of schools, businesses, and government offices within this targeted market that would need this type of device. 

  For information regarding this product please contact Lance Murray @ 928-445-0375, or email