A small, handheld, 4 1/2 inch tall, re-usable, less than lethal self defense device made of durable plastic that has a powerful 115 decibel air horn that positively draws attention from 200 feet away. It also shoots out a powerful UV dyed OC pepper spray up to 15 feet, that has the highest concentration of Oleoresin Capsicum mixture allowed by law.

 The Defend Alert ID records up to 5 minutes of quality video with audio, day or night,  for evidence to be used in court, along with a bright flashing light to aid in night time video capture while blinding and disorienting the assailants. It also has a quick and easy to use safety.  All activated with one push of the trigger.  Once activated, the camera and flash continues recording and flashing up to 5 minutes.  Holds a US registered utility patent.

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